Adapting to a Resource Limited World


Food budget to reduce food costs
Struggling to reduce your food budget? try out these Hacks
You open your pantry door to meet empty food containers on the shelves. The thought of purchasing food scares you, not because you are allergic, but the double cost of the same or less...
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9 Qualities of a frugal person
A frugal person is one who practices certain behaviors that support a frugal lifestyle. Just like any other lifestyle, frugal people, despite their different motivations, also have...
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4 Common Misconceptions about Frugal People
First time I came across a discussion describing frugal people, I was certain it was about people who hate spending money. The ‘synonyms’ used to describe them were nothing close to...
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7 Amazing Benefits of Being Frugal
Adopting a frugal lifestyle is a decision most people struggle with. Reason, it equates to stinginess and is cheap. A misunderstood way of handling finances, which goes against YOLO...
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7 Practical tips on how to manage a home effectively without a maid
If there is a service that is increasingly becoming expensive, having a maid tops the list. Unlike those before her, the modern woman lacks the privilege of staying at home to take...
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5 Best Foods for Fat Burning
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a type of magic food that you could eat that would just make the fat melt away? It certainly would! While life isn’t quite like that you might be surprised...
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FRUGAL TRIBES is an insightful online platform aimed at providing resource economical tips, alternatives and solutions to people. 

As the world faces dwindling resources, soaring levels of unemployment, food insecurity, a myriad of health issues and inflation; it is vital that people embrace frugality.

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